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When the rubber meets the road

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

How often do you ride in the car only to continue to think about work, the issues that arose right before you walked out the door, many miles and minutes later shocked to realize that you are pulling into your driveway, noticing that you did not know exactly how you got there?

Now if you were no longer able to work on that problem as you drove home, how do you continue to resolve it, seek answers, and roll it about as you have the ever rambling podcast, heavy metal or the orchestra playing in the background?

Questions rolling about in your thoughts, Will David post those reports? Did Isabella work on the sales pipeline with Liam? Who's scheduled for inventory? Who's filling in for HR, processing payroll when Freya is on vacation?

You're not driving now, maybe you are currently a telecommuter who solely drives from office to kitchen, to living area and may get a brisk walk if the time allows. Work having higher demand due to the additional care and concentration needed to ensure there is forward momentum.

There is no longer a congealed thought on the long drive home, sticking to the windshield waiting for your re-entry in the car and the long windshield time you secretly enjoyed in the morning. The rubber no longer hitting the road but sitting silent in the driveway.

Giving up the drive does not mean you have to give up those purveying thoughts that at times are the tip of the solution to a recent challenge. It is simply the reprieve of the commuter, and secretly you convince yourself the traffic wasn't really that bad every day.

Wrangling with teams working together and getting aligned, knowing payroll will get processed, having a plan for optimizing time and process efforts while you are reviewing metrics daily, watching the ebb and flow of transactions constantly recognizing that you need a consultant instead of that vehicle and windshield time. You need that person to support your drive in the background ready to implement your initiatives, drive action, brake spending, and speed up sales, they will be a vehicle that will make the rubber meet the road.

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