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Company  Advocacy

As businesses grow, new elements of the business can become distracting or overwhelming. When this happens, the mission objectives can become cloudy or even lost in the effort to grow and adapt. This can lead to inconsistent company goals and erratic business strategy.

If only the company had its own voice when planning strategy...

Company advocacy provides the business with its ability to speak for itself. As a company advocate, VBoss becomes the spokesperson for the business. This gives the company itself a say on strategy, health, and growth development. We do this in 3 steps:

VBoss is an operations and business development consulting organization. We help companies implement optimization initiatives and increase performance across multiple points on the value chain.


By providing the business a "voice" in the conversation, the business can stay on track to its core values while dictating its own health status.

LinkedIn Coaching

In 2022, LinkedIn has grown immensely. 49 million people are using linked in every week. With so many people on the platform, accessing the right connections should be easy.

Why does it feel so difficult to grow an audience on LinkedIn?

With connections being the primary benefit of a LinkedIn strategy, how do you organically develop a network? It can be tricky, and sometimes time consuming, but ultimately it comes down to:

  1. Creating a reputation for value added content

  2. Displaying yourself as the expert you are

  3. Consistently providing to the common discussion


We help you organize your business and your thoughts into a comfortable LinkedIn strategy. This way, you can stop floundering on social and start harnessing its potential.

LinkedIn Coaching

Don't know where to start?

We understand the exploration phase. You need to figure out where to start and we can help. Schedule a short conversation with us, and we can help you start the journey towards your goals.

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